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First Aid Kit..

₦9,500 ₦4,500

Shipping : ₦4,350

First Aid Bag..

₦17,000 ₦12,000

Shipping : ₦6,185


₦10,300 ₦5,300

Shipping : ₦9,660

Visual Vein Finder..

₦385,000 ₦380,000

Shipping : ₦1,410

CHEAP DIsposable Med..

₦5,030 ₦30

Shipping : ₦192

NEW Disposable Asept..

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First Aid Kit


Medical First Aid Bag

₦ 5300

Learning medical Props, Body Models and Skeletal System


Product Structure: Handheld infrared vein finder consists of LED light source, image processing module, battery and case.The case includes functional button indicator lights. Optimized structure – Easy to disassemble and fold. Smaller and safer package which saving freight cost. Enhanced image – Clearer vein image, less noises and interference Safe – Use safe light source, no laser, no radiation Color image – Clear and accurate Easy to learn and use– no pre-use calibration or


We are supplier over products wide range of All Type Health Care UnivErsal Surgical’s Instruments & Self Protection Medical Products Equipment, Non Woven Fabric Disposable Surgical Face (Mouth) Mask, Disposable Surgical Caps - Hair Caps - Surgeon Apron Compelet Set, Surgical Hand Gloves, Uriun Pot, General Surgery Instruments Equipment at Wholesale Affordable Prices PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR SERIOUS REQUESTS!! PLEASE CONTACT US DIRECTLY FOR SERIOUS REQUESTS!! PLEASE CONTACT US


3mm - 4mm Disposable Sterile Ear Nose Piercing Tool. IT CONTAINS 12 PAIRS PER BOX AT NGN1100 A PAIR. MINIMUM PURCHASE OF TWO PAIRS Comes in sterile sealed pack. Each unit consist of a ONE TIME USE piercing system with a built-in stud. Individually packed and sterilized according to the standard medical requirement. Easy to operate, easy to target location where you want the stud to be. shelf life of 5 years IMPORTANT USAGE INSTRUCTIONS: - Clean the desired area with swab,